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Vendors Teamtailor

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Vendors Teamtailor


What do the team say?

  • What I enjoy about my role is helping someone get a job and making sure that our customer does not employ the wrong person. Every chase is different, but what’s most rewarding is to uncover some huge discrepancies, lies or embellishments. The Referencing Team is a friendly team in which we all support one another. It feels like we all work together towards the same goal.


    HR Interviewer

  • I enjoy my job because I can see that my skills can help solve problems. It gives me the opportunity for me to learn and grow my skills and benefit personally and professionally. Everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission. A diverse team that communicates well with each other, contributes different perspectives and always offers each other support regardless of how busy we are. A teamwork environment that promotes an atmosphere that fosters friendship and loyalty.


    HR Interviewer

  • I really enjoy working in the processing team, where attention to detail forms a major part of our role. I enjoy the challenge of analysing the data provided by the referee to seek out and investigate any discrepancies that arise. We, as a team, have a great positive working relationship, everyone is always willing to provide advice and support to colleagues within our team and the wider business.


    Processing Senior

  • Every day is a different challenge, whether it will be from supplier meetings to process improvements, it makes each day interesting in its own right


    Referencing Process Expert

  • I enjoy working on the referencing team as I find it interesting doing all the research. Verifile is a great place to work - everyone is very friendly and approachable.


    HR Interviewer

  • It is a good team because it is a Team, we all play as a Team and the motto “All for one, and one for all”, depicts us perfectly. Of course, working remotely doesn’t help to know each other better, but I could feel, since day 1 a feeling of camaraderie among us that I rarely found in my past working experiences.


    HR Interviewer

  • I was given the opportunity to join the Client Back Office Team on a 3-month secondment and immediately felt very much appreciated and supported in learning new tasks and processes. It was a nice change of pace from my previous team but was still challenging and very satisfying in its own way. The knowledge I gained from this team has added to my understanding of our products, services, and processes, allowing me to develop and grow within the business. I have since transferred permanently to the Client Back Office Team and my new skills combined with my previous experience has enabled me to commence training to become a Process Expert


    Client Relationship Specialist

  • Working in the Client Back Office has been an amazing experience for me. The role is very challenging and entails deep concentration and attention to every detail. Diversity and inclusion are so important to our team and the team members are so wonderful, this makes working together feel like family. For the very first time, going to work has become something I passionately look forward to every morning.


    Client Relationship Specialist

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